Meet The Team!

Meet The Team!

We are Max & Georgie, aquarium hobbyists, true fish lovers and the team behind Fully Cycled, Kent, UK.

Our love of fish began on a holiday to Japan where we visited 4 aquariums in a week! (You could say we had some serious fishsues!)

We knew we had to bring some of this into our home lives and bought our first tank and our first pet! 

Most people get a goldfish or guppies as their first pet, but no not us. We had to be different! We had to get an Axolotl! Mushu.

From Mushu, we caught the fishkeeping bug and got another tank and another and another! After Mushu, we bought Red Cherry Shrimp, Guppies, Corydoras, Pea Puffers and a Panda Garra! 

After a tank upgrade for Mushu, we decided he needed a friend! So we got Mulan!

Having this many fish/ amphibians, were always on the lookout for great products that make our tanks better, be it the decor of the tank or the maintenance. So we have put all of our favourites in one place and hope you love these products as much as we do! 

We all know that the aquarium hobby can get very expensive, so we always update our prices to keep the hobby affordable for everyone with every budget. 


Take a look around our shop, social media and our up to date blog posts and do not be afraid to contact us with any queries! 







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