Weekly Update #3

Weekly Update -

Weekly Update #3

Another pretty quiet week for us here at Fully Cycled, we've been interacting withing a few fish hobbiest groups more on Facebook, especially the Axolotl UK groups seeing as we're only 3-4 weeks away from having 270 babies to sell!

The eBay front has been going very well, we've had quite an uptake in sales for our DIY Brine Shrimp Hatchery as well as our Axolotl Brooch, although another unexpected complication is eBay hold onto the money for 21 days while you're a new seller, thankfully it comes through if the buyer leaves a positive review or confirms delivery which we've been getting thankfully!

For this coming week its Georgies Birthday so we're heading off to Southend Aquarium which I'm sure there will be a few pictures of in next weeks update. On the business front we're looking to expand on our Brooches as these have been selling surprisingly well on eBay, we're also going to start looking at selling some live brine shrimp food using our home made hatcheries as while the profit margins on these are quite small, if we can get the quantities it could be a nice revenue stream. Plus our fish will love more fresh food!

We hope to put up another couple of care guides at some point this week as well as potentially a run through of the tanks we have and what we're trying to achieve with them.

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