Weekly Update #6 - Big things a coming

Weekly Update -

Weekly Update #6 - Big things a coming

Hello everyone! I told you last week that big things were gonna happen for this weeks update, and well, I lied, not entirely! But things are not progressing as fast as planned due to myself having a full time job alongside working on Fully Cycled, but also because I under estimate how long things take!

So the plan for this update was to unveil the big surprise that is our fish room, we were hoping it had finally been setup, unfortunately due to unexpected things happening, the initial setup will probably get finished off by next week (we're 99% of the way there already!)

So what was unexpected? So fish racks are bloody expensive! However, facebook marketplace is half decent! We managed to pick up a garage shelving unit for £20 which can hold 265 kilos per shelf! (we're only using half that weight and splitting the unit in half to put the tanks on top, picture at the bottom!) but these things new are only £40 on amazon. 

So we picked up this shelving unit, great! This is amazing, it says it can be split in half so that it essentially becomes 2 90cm x 60cm units about a metre high, so we bring it back, set it all up and we notice 2 initial problems. First, these measurements are a lie, its about 88cm x 58cm which would be fine, except we're planning on putting 3 tanks side by side on each top which are 60x30 which means its not quite big enough. The second problem is the legs of the stand actually go higher than the board on top of the stand which meant that if we put tanks on the stand, the ones on the corners would essentially be lifted up by the metal legs which isn't a great idea if we don't want our tanks to crack as soon as we put water in them.

So, we though, its okay, we're just buy some plywood, this comes in 183x61 so we'll just cut this in half and place this on top and drill in some screws to keep them together. Great, but then now there is a slight bowing effect where the legs are lifting up the corners so that the middle of the board sags when the tanks are on top. This is where we're at now, we now have 2 choices, we can either shave off a couple of mm from each of the corners so that the legs fit but then 2 of the corners will be overhanging slightly or we can carve into the plywood so that the legs just slot into place. This is by far the better option, its just having the skill to be able to pull it off!

We hope to have this completed by the next weekly update, but for now, enjoy these couple of progress pics and we'll hopefully have this done by our next update.

Our shrimpy boys are also doing well, I've attached another sneaky pic down the bottom, we're hoping to start selling these along with the axolotls and guppies in the next couple of weeks!

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