Weekly Update #7 - The Fish Room

Weekly Update -

Weekly Update #7 - The Fish Room

Hello everyone. Okay, so, the fish room is mostly complete now, we still don't have the tanks on top of the rack yet, but that's the fault of the baby Axolotls. You see I needed my desk back so I could do my day job so they had to be moved! Everything else is set up as we wanted though so we finally have a full office workspace to work out of.

Fully Cycled HQ

So what else have we done this week? Well, we finally listed the Ramshorn Snails who have been breeding like crazy, those are available to buy here! We also managed to find a new supplier for Airline hose which has halved our costs which mean we've reduced to price of this and all bundles across both our Website and eBay.

Next week we hope to start listing our Cherry Shrimp as well as potentially our Guppies as we've setup our APC courier licence so we can start shipping across the country with the only legal fish courier! This gives us fantastic reach across the country.

Another exciting thing is our Axolotl babies are finally big enough to start moving to their new homes so we've started contacting local pet shops and people that were previously interested to see if we can start bringing out 270 number down!

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