Weekly Update #9 - Big changes are coming

Weekly Update #9 - Big changes are coming

Ok, we know, we know, its been a couple of weeks between our last post. We're sorry! Life gets in the way sometimes. However, we have had quite a busy couple of weeks, the first part of the fish room is setup, all the parts to build our drainage system for our automatic water change system is planned and ordered to be delivered some time this week. Perhaps the biggest news of all though is that we finally sold all but 10 of our Axolotl babies to a nearby wholesaler. This is what has funded the fish room and while this setup only cost £50 (don't worry we'll do a full guide when we're setting it up!) we're now trying to be completely self sufficient. In that we're trying to not spend any more of our own money and only build on what we're earning (the point of any business!)

My one advise for anyone looking to start breeding as a business. Snails. This is our biggest money maker, these are by far our best selling product, selling 20+ a week. While you're not going to become a millionaire selling snails, they're essentially whats paying for the day to day.

Check our instagram for progress pics for the fish room over the last week as well as the first few tanks setup (without the water change system) as well as keeping up to date on how our setup is coming along.

We're also going to put up a Wormery guide this week as well as we've had a few people ask how to set one up for their Axolotls

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