Fermentation Casks - Dwarven AleWorks - 28mm

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Fermentation Casks scaled for 28mm for Tabletop RPGs like Dungeons and Dragons, wargames and collecting alike.

These are large fermentation casks, modelled after medieval ones used by trappist monks, but modified with a fantasy vibe for gaming. Comes in a set of 2, large and extra large (dwarves love their ale and brew in HUGE batches!). These can also work great as distribution casks for your inn/tavern, or anywhere else that a huge-ass cask of ale is needed.

Note that this is for a unpainted version, the picture shown is just an example of what it can look like. (The dwarven miniature is NOT included)

Source models are copyright Hero's Hoard / EC3D Designs, provided as an officially licensed seller.

Ready to prime and paint.

Note that prints can sometimes have small marks or holds like all miniatures which may require a bit of sanding and cleaning.

if you would like the miniatures in a different size/scale please contact us and we will endeavour to see what we can do