Chiroptera x5 - A

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Chiroptera are cloned twins at birth. After maturing in a synthetic womb for 5 standard years they are operated on. The Bio-Vizier will swap the left and right hemisphere of their brains so each has a part from each. The one with the most cognitive function intact after is crafted into the Chiroptera jet bike. This clone will control flight path and trajectory for the bike in real time allowing the driver freedom to attack from his mount. Much like a knight of old terran times, going at the speed of sound. The Pilot is not spared the blade, they receive a reinforced spine and leg muscles to grip the bike at high speeds and not break in half. In this early generation a reinforced ribcage was also provided with the skin being stretched back over it and connected to the carapace. Because the driver is biologically linked to the bike and the brain surgery they are able to share thoughts as one.

A must for any twisted xenos players. For updates follow on instagram at

This is a set of high resolution resin miniatures. Many miniatures require a bit of clean-up and assembly and arrive unpainted.