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The Citadel

Standing at 17.5 in. (44.5 cm) with full access to each interior floor, the Citadel of the Crystal Alchemist push your gaming experience to the next level.

This listing is for an unpainted model and will require assembly. Ready to prime and paint.

Alchemic Sundries

Push the limits of magic and science with these storyful devices that allow for exciting dungeon interactions for your player group.

Includes 13 Unique models.

Crystalline Growth

Bring a splash of colour and mystic energy to any dungeon while adding depth and strategy to your encounter.

Include 8 unique models.


Add a genuine, lived in feel to any building with these versatile, highly detailed accessories.

Includes 15 unique models.

Crates and Barrels

Populate your tower with obstacles and storage, then carry your models over for hundreds of dungeons to come.

Includes 12 unique models.